Born in Rome, Italy during the early thirties, she was discovered by famed movie producer Carlo Ponti, the man who discovered and married Sophia Loren, and he set about molding her into Italy’s reigning screen sex symbol during that period. Originally featured in Romanesque costume epics like "BEAUTIES OF THE NIGHT", where she was given many opportunities to display her physical charms, at 36-22-35, her bust was so reknowned that the word "Lollo" became synonymous with "bosom". Hollywood ultimately beckoned and she starred in "SOLOMON AND SHEBA", "TRAPEZE", "NEVER SO FEW", and "WOMAN OF STRAW." Retiring from acting in the seventies, she found new fame as a photo journalist back in her homeland where she continues to live and work today.

ALINA - (1949/Italian)
BAMBOLE- (1965/Italian)
FAST AND SEXY - (1960/Italian)
THE UNFAITHFULS - (1960/Italian)
aka Me, Me, Me... and The Others - (1966/B&W/Italian)

DEATH LAID AN EGG - (aka PLUCKED)(1968) (French/Italian)